Lash Tips and Pre-Appointment

Great Lash Extensions are not only a fantastic way make your eyes pop with a naturally beautiful look, but they also shave time off of your morning routine and some women even skip the makeup altogether!

Eyelash extensions are also an investment, and to keep your lashes lasting between fills here are some tips to care for them.

*Shower/ wash your face before your appointment, lashes may not get wet  for 24 hours after your appointment as the adhesive needs time to cure.
*Come in with no eye makeup- clean eyes let us get right to the application and save time.

*Did I mention do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment? Ok good.
*Avoid any waterproof or oil-based makeup on the eye area including pencil eyeliner, waterproof eyeliner, or cream eye shadows. To remove makeup, use an oil-free makeup remover (can be found at any Walgreens, CVS, etc.) NO MASCARA!
*After the 24 hour period, lightly wash along your lash line daily with a gentle cleanser to prevent any bacteria and remove makeup dust
*Try really, really hard not to rub your eyes during the day or rub your face with a towel to dry. This will get easier as you get used to your long lashes, but treat them like you just got your eye makeup done. Minimal touching, pulling, or rubbing is essential for the longevity of your extensions as well as the health of your natural lash.

*Remember: you lose 2-5 natural lashes per day, you may notice more lashes on your pillow simply because they are now bonded to a thicker synthetic lash, but if you do have any concerns or aftercare questions, please don’t hesitate to call or txt me!.